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Sewer Cleaning, Replacement, and Repair Services in San Diego

Fix Drains offers full residential sewer services in San Diego, including camera inspections, snaking and hydro jetting, trenchless sewer lining, and more.

Contact us at 619-303-3575 for fast, reliable sewer services in San Diego, including:

  • Camera Inspections
  • Trenchless Sewer Lining and Repairs
  • Snaking and Hydro Jetting
  • Mainline Sewer Replacement & Installations
  • Sewer Root Cutting Services
  • Expert Clog Removal & Sewer Cleaning Services

Expert Clog Removal & Sewer Cleaning Services

A clog in your sewer line can back up many, if not all, of the drains in your home. In the past, these clogs used to be tremendously difficult to remove and could have even involved excavating your sewer lines.

Today, there are a number of options, including snaking and hydro jetting, which can remove these clogs without intrusive excavations. We’ll work with you to determine the nature of the clog by inspecting your sewer line, and we will develop a plan that solves your problem as soon as possible.

Fix Drains offers expert sewer clog removal and cleaning services in San Diego. Whether your sewer is suffering from a clog or a tree root invasion, we’ll get your line cleared out and working properly again.


Sewer Line Repairs

A broken sewer line can be dangerous to your home. A leak in a sewer line can flood your yard with sewage or even jeopardize your home’s foundation.

Fortunately, some leaks can be repaired. Our San Diego plumbers will have to determine whether or not a repair is possible with you after a thorough inspection to determine the nature of the problem. In some cases, it may be easier to replace your sewer line outright, while repair is far more economical in others.

Once we have pinpointed where the damaged line is and how extensive the damage is, we’ll determine the best repair method. We have a number of techniques for repairing sewer lines.

Sewer lines may run underneath gardens, sidewalks, and other landscaped areas. We try to do as little damage and excavation as possible. Often, this means opting for a trenchless repair. We will slide an inner tube into your sewer line soaked in resin and then cure the resin to repair the sewer line.

Sewer Line Replacements

There may come a time when you have to replace your old sewer line because it simply can’t service your home any further. Degradation from age, corrosion, root invasion, quakes, or moving ground can damage your sewer line beyond repair.

Sewer line replacement can be a big job, but we do everything we can to make it as cost-effective, quick, and non-invasive as possible.

Our replacement services ensure that your sewer lines are in good condition and will last without issue for years, giving you peace of mind.

Underground Sewer Repair & Root Cutting

Sewer lines can become damaged for a variety of reasons, one of the most common being tree root invasion. Because sewer lines are underneath the ground, they are susceptible to blockages and damage from tree roots.

Whether your sewer problem is the result of invasive tree roots or some other problem has occurred, our team can quickly and correctly diagnose the issue and set to work making the necessary repairs. Before beginning any work, we conduct a thorough video sewer inspection to determine the cause of the problem. This will allow us to see if tree roots have begun invading the pipes or if another blockage or leak is causing the problem.

No matter the situation, our team will get to work making necessary repairs. We even offer trenchless sewer repair to save you time, money, and hassle! Contact Fix Drains for sewer root-cutting services in San Diego.

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