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Get Quick & Efficient Drain Cleaning With Fix Drains

If you are in need of a drain cleaning service in San Diego, CA, then look no further than Fix Drains. Our professional plumbers are well-equipped to handle any degree of clogged drain with specialized equipment and cleaning solutions.

Call Fix Drains at 619-303-3575 if you need a drain cleaning service in La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad, or any of the surrounding San Diego areas.

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The Most Common Causes of Drain Clogs

Whether it’s the kitchen sink or a toilet, we all have struggled with the annoyance of a clogged drain. Many things can clog your drains, including:

  • Food
  • Hair
  • Debris
  • Oil & Grease
  • Minerals
  • Hygiene Products
  • Tree Roots
  • And More

A massive buildup in your drain can eventually lead to a burst pipe and other plumbing problems. Contact our experts if you’ve attempted to clear your drains but are still facing a clog.

Extensive Drain Cleaning Services

At Fix Drains, we provide extensive, fast drain cleaning services in San Diego, San Marcos, El Cajon, and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today for help.


When to Hire a Professional Drain Cleaner

A clogged drain may seem like an insignificant reason to call a plumber, but sometimes you need a professional with specialized equipment. When you have a clogged drain in your home, you might try at-home solutions like a liquid cleaner, a drain snake, or hot water to clear them. However, these methods don’t compare to the techniques and technology we offer here at Fix Drains. Call us if you have a stubborn drain that won’t budge, no matter how many times or methods you’ve tried, and we’ll get the job done.

Types of Clogged Drains We Can Clean

At Fix Drains, we’re confident in tackling any type of clogged drain. Here are a few of the most common residential drains we clear:

Kitchen Sink Drains

We clean and clear kitchen sinks clogged with food waste or other foreign objects and make sure to check that your garbage disposal is functioning properly. If your dishwasher isn’t working as it should, we can check and clean your dishwasher’s drains as well.

Laundry Drains

Some drains that connect to your washing machine may become clogged with hard water, sludge, or other contaminants. At Fix Drains, we can clean and clear laundry drains so that your washer drains water efficiently.

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains, including tub drains, sink drains, and toilet drains, tend to clog more than any other drain in a home. When water stands still or pools in your sink or shower, the best way to clear them is with professional services.

Area Drains

In San Diego, area drains are often found near homes to help direct water away, effectively preventing flooding. Many times these drains become clogged with dirt, debris, leaves, and other items found in run-off. If you’re not having them regularly maintained, then when a storm comes, a clogged area drain can flood your yard or home.

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San Diego’s Professional Drain Cleaning Services

At Fix Drains, we utilize various methods for cleaning and clearing drains. Our professional drain cleaning services in San Diego and surrounding areas include techniques such as hydro-jetting, snaking, and the use of acidic solutions.

Different blockages require different drain repair methods. For instance, if tree roots block your drain or sewer, or your drains have a high amount of grease buildup, we’ll rely on hydro-jetting services or augers to effectively clear these blockages. For obstructions like minerals, we often use professional-grade acidic solutions. Acidic solutions can also break down food and hair, but we also use specialized snaking tools and other equipment to remove them.


Hydro-jetting is a process where a high-pressure water system flushes and cleans your pipes with water. Flooding the lines pushes clogs through the pipes and ensures that your pipes are cleared of debris and other obstructions. It removes grease, sand, debris, and other objects that hinder normal water flow through the pipes.


Drain snaking involves pushing an auger into the drain from a sink, tub, toilet, or cleanout access point until it reaches the clog. Then, a crank is used to dislodge the blockage. The auger can either push the clog and break it up with its twisting action or attach to the clog so it can be brought up and pulled out.

Camera Inspections

One of the frustrations with plumbing clogs is that you may not know where the clog is coming from. To solve this guessing game, at Fix Drains, we use state-of-the-art camera inspections to identify any and all clogs in your plumbing system.

Emergency Clogged Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain could indicate a larger, more serious plumbing problem that requires emergency services. If your drains aren’t getting rid of any water, causing a flood, or the water won’t turn on in your home, call Fix Drains right away. For more than 45 years, we’ve provided San Diego residents with quick and reliable emergency plumbing solutions. Connect with a live operator now for immediate support for your clogged drain at 619-303-3575.

Drain Replacement Services in San Diego

When drain issues are not addressed promptly, blockages can cause irreversible damage to your drains and pipes. If we determine that your drains are beyond repair, Fix Drains offers drain replacement and installation services.

Replacing a drain is not an ideal solution for anyone, but sometimes it is the best option. We offer plumbing financing to help you spread out payment plans to meet your needs. We also provide emergency plumbing services in case you have an overflowing fixture.

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4 Tips To Prevent Future Drain Clogs

Routine Cleanings

When cleaning your drains at home, avoid using harmful drain cleaners from hardware stores. Instead, use environmentally safe enzyme treatments every month to prevent drains from collecting grime and debris.

Properly Disposing Grease

Don’t dispose of grease and other harmful items in your drains. Pour grease into a container and dispose of it in the trash, or wait for it to harden, then scrape it into the trash.

Run Hot Water

Regularly run hot water through all drains, preferably after each use. For infrequently used drains, run or pour hot water weekly to clear away scum and keep the p-trap full to prevent odors.

Use Drain Screens

If your drains are frequently clogged due to hair, use a drain screen or mesh strainer that catches hair and debris. Make sure you clean strainers regularly for optimum performance and to eliminate odors.

Call Fix Drains for Expert Drain Cleaning

Ready to say goodbye to stubborn drain clogs? Don’t let a simple annoyance turn into a plumbing nightmare. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bathroom drain, or main sewer line, our professional plumbers have the expertise and specialized equipment to tackle any clog.

Call Fix Drains at 619-303-3575 for quick and efficient drain cleaning services in San Diego, CA, and surrounding areas like Escondido, Kearney Mesa, and Point Loma. Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact us today and experience the Fix Drains difference.

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