Drain cleaning

As plumbers La Mesa, we offer a variety of different methods to clean a drain. One is the traditional way of running a snake down the drain. This method does a very small cleaning. This method basically pokes a hole in the blockage. If there is heavy sludge, toilet paper, roots, grease, etc… then the snake basically does nothing. In this case we offer hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting basically brings the sewer line back to new. We inject a stream of water into the pipe and it sprays the sides to ensure that the pipe is getting cleaned. An example of this is try washing your car with a garden hose with no sprayer. Then take it to a professional car wash with a pressure washer. This is the same concept of snaking vs jetting. We also get the question of will this break my pipes? The answer is the same. Does the pressure washer at the carwash damage your car? No! Unless there is already some major issue that is happening. Hydro-jetting is a tool that can be used on any drain in the home with proper access.

Sewer cameras

We are able to see down the drains to inspect the condition of the drains. This will allow us to diagnose and offer the correct course of action. For example if there is a belly in the line then we can offer to hydro-jet as a temporary solution but for long term it should be replaced. We give you both options and let you decide what’s best for you and your family.

Drain replacement

We are able to do a number of different things to replace your drains. The traditional is by digging the pipe up and fixing it, as most plumbers La Mesa would do. The other is by lining. With lining we also need to dig a starting hole. This will allow us to get exact measurements and best repair your pipe. With lining sometimes we can not inject the liner due to pipe condition. Our camera inspections will allow us to properly diagnose this so we can give you the best options.

Water Heaters

As plumbers La Mesa, we service water heaters, both tank and tankless. We are able to repair, replace, or install new. There are many pros and cons with tankless type water heaters. Pros: never run out of hot water, uses same amount or less gas, smaller, can be installed outside, and no huge tank to leak all over. Cons: more up front cost, parts may need to be ordered, needs cleaned every 6 months to a year. With tankless there is a question that always arises. If this is an on demand water heater why do I not have instant hot water at my faucet? The answer is that the tankless is on demand not the faucet. If there is a want of hot water at the faucet instantly then we would need to install a recirculation pump. This allows hot water to be looped in a circle back to the heater. In doing this we can install a couple things. One is to let it loop all day every day. The second is to add a timer to tell the system to only pump water when I have it programed. The third is to install an aquastat. This tells the pump to turn off when the water gets to a certain temperature. Once it drops back to a set temperature it tells the pump to turn on again.

Tank style water heaters

These water heaters are the common water heating systems. They have a large tank and usually are in the garage. These water heaters will constantly heat water even if you are not home. These use a lot of gas, and space. Tank water heaters are often used if there are not a lot of people in the home. Tank style heaters also about half the cost to install than a tankless.


We install and repair all types of faucets. Our team has many of the most common types of cartridges, stems, seats, and handles. If we do not have them on the trucks then we know where to find them or get them ordered.


Our plumbers La Mesa team is trained on the little things to fix your toilets. There are so many things that can affect the function of your toilets. One is the “guts” of the toilet. These are usually the fill valve or the flapper. Most of the time this is what goes out. However, just because these go out there are multiple things that can cause this. Water pressure and chlorine.

Water Pressure

Many plumbers La Mesa will ignore water pressure, however water pressure is like the blood pressure in your home. If too much then it will cause problems. Some of the problems will be a high pitch noise in the home, pin hole leaks, toilet sounds like its always running, faucets dripping, water heater leaking, etc.. If there is not a regulator on the home you can be pushing upwards of 150 psi at night when there is very little water usage. If too little then you can’t wash your hair. We recommend that the water pressure be between 55-75 psi.


Without chlorine in the water we are prone to bacteria in the water. However most water in the home has more chlorine than a swimming pool. We recommend water filtration in the home to greatly reduce the amount of chlorine in the water. This is not only for drinking it is also for your copper pipes. Chlorine will find all the impurities in the copper and eat it. This will cause pin holes in the copper.


We offer a couple different ways to repipe your home. We offer standard copper and aquapex piping. Both are a good way to go if your are repiping. With aquapex piping there are longer runs of pipe that allow us to install less connections. This allows for fewer chances to leak. Also with aqua pex pipe the manufacturer will warranty the pipe for 25 years.

Service Agreements

We offer an agreement for everyone. With this agreement we are able to give you our member pricing, priority scheduling and cheaper service call fees because we want to be your go-to plumbers La Mesa. Ask your tech for details.